UPDATE: Citi AA 50k miles, Amazon 2500 AA miles, SpaLook 235 AA miles

It’s always great to see the returns of your hard work.  Today, I got a very fist-pump-inducing email from the AAdvantage eShopping Mall‏ confirming that I’ve got points coming for Anni’s recent Skincare products purchase.  For reference: order was placed on 9/1 and the pending miles email hit my mailbox on 9/13.

7X AA mile for SpaLook.com purchase = 235 AA miles

But wait, there’s more!  The email prompted me to check my AA miles balance.  So, after logging into AA.com, I was greeted with this screen:

August 2012: 53,719 AA miles POSTED!

As a brief review, the 50k was the sign-up bonus for my 7/30 Citi AA Platinum Select Visa card application.  To be honest, I didn’t expect the 50k to hit yet since I’m about $100 away from meeting the “$3k within the first 4 months” spending requirement.  Definitely not complaining.

The 2500 bonus miles were for the Amazon.com purchase of the Canon T3i camera, lens and printer bundle.  I’m particularly proud about how I got this TARGETED promotion applied to my account.  I even got a little recognition from a seasoned travel blogger about it: Boardingarea.com’s Points, Miles & Martinis (LINK).

The 1219 miles are your general 1 AA miles per $1 statement spend.  Glad to see they got posted.

Value proposition.  As I commented on my AAdvantage, BA Avios, and oneworld post, AA miles are highly valuable because they’re easy to use (one-way awards) and give you access to top-tier oneworld airlines like British Airways and Cathay Pacific.

I personally have an aspiration to fly Cathay Pacific First one day.  Just look at the trip reports from some fellow travelers:

…and the 53,719 AA miles from August put me THAT much closer to that goal.

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